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LCD soundsytem - 'Christmas Will Break Your Heart' "I like Christmas time and Christmas songs belong in a hopeful realm, where the fire is crackling, the mulled wine tastes good, and the family are all getting along together.

I would enjoy listening to this driving around the highlands in the rain. I like his name though.

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Shark Dentist - 'Stranger' "My first thought is that this sounds like Ride or something released in But I was an indie fan in , so instantly it appeals to me in a nostalgic way. I wonder if Shark Dentist still have better songs to write, though.

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Blossoms - 'At Most A Kiss' "I have a feeling that this is not music made for me a year-old man and more for younger folk. Good work, Sunflower Bean.

Nirvana released Nevermind when I was World United Music Promotions. Progressive Rock — to Rhythm and Blues — to Rock, Alternative - to Soft Rock, Lite Rock — to Pop Rock — to Folk Rock, Acoustic — to Hard Rock, Heavy Metal — to Southern Rock, Alt Country — to Classic, New Age Classic.

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New Age Alternative. Ambient, Electronic, Relaxation.

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Music for the Revolutionary Mind. World United Music Podcast.

Pages 1. The Best Music of to 2. The Psychedelic Underground Generation 5.

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The weak part of your personality and nature is remaining unsatisfied with yourself; and excessive thinking. Shrinking Violet. Notify me of new comments via email. Saw Ryley preview his new album a couple of weeks ago and the songs he played were excellent. An Act of Treason. In predictive astrology, Mithuna Gemini shows the qualities of quicksilver, a mysterious metal which is highly elusive and susceptible to a wide range of fluctuations.

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Sea Pinks - Soft Days Album

Popular Posts Last 30 Days. Contact Sea Pinks. Streaming and Download help. If you like Sea Pinks, you may also like:. Really solid, melancholic indie rock album.

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Absolutely jam-packed with janglepop indie hooks and catchy tunes. For any fan of C86 - This is a masterpiece album of indie pop!

Sea Pinks - Yr Horoscope

Mark Zimin. September Love by Stephen's Shore. This Band is Epic.