Venus january 19 astrology


Look outward at building stronger working relationships with people. Consider upcoming projects and what you'd like to accomplish with others during the last three months of the year. Lots of new friends, perhaps a couple of on again off again lovers, but as we enter into the colder, darker seasons, it's time to start thinking about deciding which of those new friends are worth bringing in closer and which should perhaps be distances a bit or possibly let go all together.

For Capricorn, this New Moon is less about personal relationships, less about your own personal needs, and more about your job and career path. The celestial energy from the Libra New Moon should be used to propel professional growth at your workplace.

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If there's a possibility for a big promotion coming up, use the Libra New Moon to figure out what you need to do to get there. Take some big steps on your career path. Your thoughts will likely move fast and ideas will hit hard, and the connection between your mind and your tongue will be very, very fluid.

But be careful what you choose to communicate during this time. Think before you speak. Instead of talking about your thoughts, act on them. Like Cancer, this has not been an easy year for you, Pisces, particularly as it pertains to money and financial issues. This Libra New Moon can help you turn that around. Think hard about the relationship you have with money, how you spend it, how you save it, and what you do with it. Start making more responsible financial choices, look to save for retirement, and ease up a bit on your casual spending.

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Week of Feb. 3–Feb. 10

Whether you're a working mom, a stressed out dad or a something just trying to make your way in this world, taking a time out to de-stress and center yourself is important for your sanity and your Spirit. So, when the dinner dishes are cleaned up and the kids are all bathed and tucked into bed, or you've finally drug yourself out of the office too exhausted to meet up with friends at a noisy club; what can you possibly do to let go of the stress that's built up all week and just relax your mind into quiet bliss?

Keep in mind, this is just for fun and isn't a guaranteed fix for all your problems. Proper diet and exercise also play a huge role in living a stress-free life. Check out the following advice and you might just be surprised at what your Zodiac sign has to say!

Rams are busy people, often trying to live life to the fullest. Often times, you're so energetic that you blow right through the week and don't enjoy the little things.

When you're stressed out, take a day off. Go out and enjoy nature. Pamper yourself a little. Just slow down.

Full & New Moons

Taurus are hard workers that take failure very personally. Recognize that everyone fails from time to time and that it doesn't signify incompetence. When you're stressed out, go easier on yourself. Take a break from work. Spend some time considering your options.

Geminis are complex people. They love a good conversation and enjoy having fun. When sedentary, stress builds up for you.

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If you're feeling that your stress is hard to manage, find a way to burn off your extra energy. Take up weight lifting or swimming.

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Go for a long hike. Cancers find comfort in security, and often times, stress comes from feeling insecure. As a Cancer myself, meditating has always been important for my personal stress relief. It's been important for me to consider too that I'm not always in charge of my destiny, which can be terrifying. There's something reassuring about knowing that no one else really is either. Leo takes it a step further than Cancer and tries to simply control everything, but this is a rather unrealistic and, in the end, unfair approach. Leos, so fiery, want to be the leaders of the world.

A great deal of stress can come from losses and feeling out of control. Take a moment, take a deep breath, and cede control, even for just a little while. Virgo and Gemini are in many ways like siblings among the zodiac signs. You're logical, but you can be too hard on yourself. You like knowing you can solve a problem, but when a problem doesn't have a clear resolution, it weighs on you, right? In moments like these, when the stress is building, write down your thoughts and ideas. Talk to other people about them. Take a few days, then come back to it. Libra is the most easily stressed of the bunch.

Conflict is a sign of imbalance to you and if there's no harmony, stress is sure to follow. Deal with this stress by reaffirming your commitment to peace and making it well known that you will not participate in any situation that ends up out of control. Taurus, you may be beyond embarrassed about some of your choices or something you have done recently, but don't push your significant other away.

You might feel like it's for the best, but it really isn't. The issue you are facing is not going to blow over by just ignoring it. You have to talk through it. Gemini, you have been reunited with your soulmate.

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Good for you, Aquarius! By the time winter arrives, you should be feeling financially more secure. Studying your astrological sign can reveal detailed information about who you truly are. Venus Neptune. Mercury Pluto.

You may have been separated, but you have made it back into each other's lives. Cancer, do not push your soulmate away thinking it's for the best. It's really not.

Lunar Eclipse Meaning

It's just hurting you both. You may be having some arguments and disagreements lately, but it doesn't mean that you cannot work through it. You just have to give each other a chance. Leo, you want to feel like you did when you first started your relationship. You may have found that you are stuck in a rut or in a boring cycle. You want to return to a time where you are excited, happy, and ecstatic to see what the future holds for you together. You will find that the excitement and attraction that you felt towards each other has returned.

Virgo, you are going to see a change in your relationship. The ground is literally going to shake. You will fall deeper and deeper in love with your significant other. When you fall in love, you are going to fall hard and fast. You need to keep their thoughts and opinions in check so that you can make sure that you are not implying something that you don't mean.

So excavate. Whether it's emotional, physical, spiritual, professional or other, you'll find gold. Leo and Aquarius adore you. Your lucky numbers are: 17, 8, 40, 33 and It often happened that people were prematurely written off, only to wake up from some unconscious state to find they'd already been grieved and buried with a Bible where it might have been nice to have, say, a pickax.

This is why many cultures developed rituals to make sure not to get it wrong — like leaving a bell for the corpse to ring or chopping off a finger.

Moon of Intuitive Perception

If the digital snip startled the "corpse" alive, then whoops! There goes your guitar career, but at least breathing is once more an option. Ancient Greeks sometimes buried corpses under large rocks to make sure they didn't reanimate, an idea that is still a part of our collective unconscious, judging from what they make gravestones out of.

Only the very strongest rotters are going to be able to join the zombie apocalypse. Nowhere are the lines between dead and being alive more blurred than in the case of zombies, which have ruled for decades as the prevailing monster of pop culture. More on this tomorrow. True to his Libran ideals, the legendary rocker and poet imagined a harmonious world without boundaries. Lennon was born under the Aquarius moon, the sign of humanity, unity and dreamers.

How to find Your Venus Sign

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